by Irene Baron  


Spellbinding adventure novels.
Editors & First Readers said:     

"The mindreacher concept is novel and refreshing. The action doesn't stop."  J. Wittich, Editor 
"It was difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. A good read." V. Whitacre, M.D. , Beta Reader
"This novel reads like a blend of Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones. Full of excitement!" S. Wickersham McWhorter, Editor
"I was fascinated to learn so much about the human mind. I didn't want it to end." K. Brantley, Reader
"Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down." C. Frompovich, Editor
"You are like Michael Crichton reborn!" J. Kerns


Terrorists plan to use nuclear bombs to destroy the United States with atomic radiation. VESPER, the President’s classified & secret Virtual ExtraSensory Perception Experimental Research project hidden in corridors under JFK runways, must locate a “mindreacher” to find terrorists. Able to read minds over great distances, mindreachers were born in South Africa decades ago. Frightened parents hid them around the world.  Will a mindreacher be powerful enough to fly over a city and find terrorists? Selected international military personnel are trained to recognize psychic events and hone in on the event’s human catalyst, hopefully a mindreacher. Minor telepath, teacher Ana Masterson, is discovered and teamed with elite warrior Major Jonathon Coulter, USMC, a Shaolin-trained martial arts master. They become embroiled in a perilous global search for mindreachers.  


Thankfully there are affordable graphic artists who can visualize and create excellent book covers. I feel fortunate to have found this one.

A note about this exciting adventure with a paranormal twist:

Females of all ages will be thrilled learning about the innocent, middle-aged, telepathic heroine entangled in the intrigues of the government and her dangerous international quest. Male readers will empathize with the elite U.S. Marine Corps officer who doesn't like anything psychic. He's assigned to protect her during death threatening events on land, water and in the air.  Everyone will enjoy the thrills, danger and humor.

The initial action-packed book in the Mindreacher series blends current and future technology. Before publication, the manuscripts attracted broad spectrum of followers.  New York Gotham Writers workshop attendees, members of the Central Ohio Fiction Writers organization and others have compared the Mindreacher series as a cross between the genres of writer Clive Cussler and the Indiana Jones writers. Others compare it to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Philip Kaufman.

This initial action-packed suspense of the Mindreacher series blends future technology with telepathic activity. It has already attracted a broad spectrum of followers of all ages. Editors and readers fall in love with the exciting adventures of the key characters. The international and multicultural aspects of the novels heighten the reader's awareness of existing countries, their culture, religions and people.

Cover image of MINDREACHER-The Jo'Burg Project: When I first saw a painting similar to this, I contacted artist LEON ALEGRIA. He graciously created this image upon my request using the teal eyes and blonde hair of heroine Ana Masterson. I thought this image truly gave the impression of energy leaving the mind during telepathy. When I asked other authors what they thought, one said it didn't look like an "adventure" or "thriller" book type of image.  That put me in a quandary of seeing if that opinion was the same as others. To resolve the question, I examined covers of other books. I was fortunate to find award winning graphic artist GREG HETHERINGTON of Michigan who created the final cover. He can be found at:  

Learn more about cover artist Leon Alegria at: 


 SNIPER RIFLES. In the first book of the MINDREACHER series, a 50-caliber ROBAR rifle is used by a Sri Lanka sniper. Author Irene Baron practiced with the ROBAR and other rifles using a 1-inch thick steel target 500-yards distant to experience the feel of the weapon. The bulls eye was hit continuously!Author-Irene-Baron-practices-with-sniper-rifle She said, "What an experience! I love the ROBAR! So smooth. No recoil."  She added that you couldn't see the bullet his the target, but you could hear the impact on steel from where she fired.

Baron also studied the USMC instructor manual used to teach Marines how to become snipers. She stated, "You have to write about something you know.  I needed to know what it was like to fire large caliber rifles and see how difficult it is to pinpoint your shot. After reading that section of my MINDREACHER novel, my readers will know what it feels like to use a ROBAR sniper rifle." Readers can learn more about Robar services and products at:

Author Irene Baron sincerely thanks members of the U.S. Marine Corps (retired) that provided many different large caliber rifles, pistols and other firearms with ammunition and the remote, outdoor firing range for her use over several years. She became quite proficient hitting the steel bulls eye at 500-yards!


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